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LaGuardia Airport has been the site of several aviation accidents and incidents.

Southwest Flight 345 after evacuation, with emergency slides deployed
Southwest Flight 345 after evacuation, with emergency slides deployed


December 30
Eastern Air Lines Flight 14 overran the runway on landing and came to rest in Flushing Bay, one passenger was killed.[1]


May 29
United Airlines Flight 521 crashed after aborting takeoff, 43 of the 48 aboard were killed.[2]
August 8
American Airlines Flight 765, a cargo flight, crashed into Flushing Bay while returning to LGA due to engine problems, both pilots and one passenger of the 5 aboard died.[3]


February 1
Northeast Airlines Flight 823 crashed on takeoff into Rikers Island. Of 101 people aboard, 20 were killed.[4]


February 3
American Airlines Flight 320 crashed on approach into the East River. Of 73 people aboard, 65 were killed.[5]


December 16
Trans World Airlines Flight 266, a Lockheed Super Constellation bound for LaGuardia, collided with a United Airlines Douglas DC-8 over Staten Island, killing all 128 people on board both airliners and 6 more on the ground.[6]


January 4
A Douglas C-47A N7 of the Federal Aviation Administration crashed on approach to LaGuardia Airport. The aircraft was on a flight from Johnstown–Cambria County Airport, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The cause of the accident was wind shear.[7]


September 20
USAir Flight 5050 bound for Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, crashed after aborting takeoff and rolling off the end of the runway into the East River. The plane broke into three pieces, and two passengers died as a result.[8]


March 22
USAir Flight 405 bound for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, crashed on takeoff at LaGuardia because of icing on its wings. Of 51 people aboard, 27 were killed.[9]


March 2
Continental Airlines Flight 795 to Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colorado, aborted takeoff in a snowstorm and skidded down the runway into a ditch. 29 passengers and one crew member suffered only minor injuries during evacuation of the aircraft.[10]


January 15
US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus A320 departing for Charlotte/Douglas International Airport ditched in the Hudson River after losing both engines as a result of multiple bird strikes at an altitude of 3,000 feet (910 m); all 150 passengers and 5 crew members successfully evacuated.[11][12]


July 22
Southwest Airlines Flight 345, a Boeing 737-700 registration N753SW, from Nashville performed a hard landing that collapsed the nose gear of the aircraft. Nine people were injured and the plane was written off as a total loss.[13]


March 5
Delta Air Lines Flight 1086 from Atlanta skidded off the runway on landing in snowy weather. The McDonnell Douglas MD-88 operating the flight, N909DL, was severely damaged. Twenty-four people sustained minor injuries during evacuation via the emergency chutes.[14]


October 27
A Boeing 737-700 operated by the new Eastern Air Lines as Flight 3452—carrying Mike Pence, then the Republican Vice Presidential nominee and the Governor of Indiana—skidded off Runway 22 after landing. The aircraft was ultimately stopped by the EMAS bed just before the Grand Central Parkway. No one was injured in the incident.[15][16]


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