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Aerodrome / Aerodrome

#1 Port Moresby Airfield Complex

The Port Moresby Airfield Complex was a World War II military airfield complex, built near Port Moresby in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea . It was used during the Battle of New Guinea as a base of Allied air operations primarily in 1942 and early 1943. It later became a support base as the ba

#2 Warraber Island Airport

Warraber Island Airport ( IATA : SYU , ICAO : YWBS ) is an airport in Sue Islet , Queensland , Australia . It was named Nelson Airport and officially opened on 26 November 1977. Airport in Queensland, Australia This article needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2021 ) Warraber Island

#3 Bassel Al-Assad International Airport

Bassel al-Assad International Airport ( Arabic : مطار باسل الأسد الدولي ) ( IATA : LTK , ICAO : OSLK ) is an airport serving Latakia , [1] the principal port city of Syria . The airport is named for Bassel al-Assad (1962–1994), son of former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and brother of his success

#4 Hammerwood Park

Hammerwood Park is a country house in Hammerwood , near East Grinstead , in East Sussex , England . It is a Grade I listed building . One of the first houses in England to be built in the Greek Revival architectural style, it was built in 1792 as the first independent work of Benjamin Henry Latrobe

#5 Mannheim City Airport

Mannheim City Airport ( IATA : MHG , ICAO : EDFM ) ( City-Airport Mannheim in German , formerly Mannheim-Neuostheim/Neuhermsheim) is a minor regional airport serving the German city of Mannheim . It is mainly used for general aviation . Minor regional airport in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

#6 Rome Viterbo Airport

Rome Viterbo Airport ( Italian : Aeroporto di Roma-Viterbo ( ICAO : LIRV ) [4] is a proposed re-use of Viterbo Air Force Base , a civilian , commercial and military airport about 80 kilometers north of Rome , Italy . Airport in Viterbo Rome Viterbo Airport Tommaso Fabbri Viterbo Air Force Base IATA

#7 Simón Bolívar International Airport (Venezuela)

Simón Bolívar International Airport or Maiquetía "Simón Bolívar" International Airport ( IATA : CCS , ICAO : SVMI , Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetía "Simón Bolívar" ) [1] is an international airport located in Maiquetía , Vargas , Venezuela, about 21 kilometres (13   mi) west of downto

#8 Kannur International Airport

Kannur International Airport ( IATA : CNN , ICAO : VOKN ) is an airport serving the North Malabar region of Kerala , Kodagu and Mysore districts of Karnataka and Mahé district of Puducherry in India. It is located 28   km (17   mi) east of Kannur , and 24   km (15   mi) east of Thalassery , near the

#9 King Island Airport

King Island Airport ( IATA : KNS , ICAO : YKII ) is a small regional airport located near the town of Currie on King Island off the north-west coast of Tasmania , Australia . The airport is owned and operated by the King Island Council. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( Ma

#10 Hamilton Army Airfield

Hamilton Field ( Hamilton AFB ) was a United States Air Force base, which was inactivated in 1973, decommissioned in 1974, and put into a caretaker status with the Air Force Reserves until 1976. It was transferred to the United States Army in 1983 and was designated an Army Airfield until its BRAC c

#11 Dale Mabry Army Airfield

Dale Mabry Army Airfield , was a World War II United States Army Air Force located at the Dale Mabry Field airport in Tallahassee, Florida . The military airfield closed in 1946 and the airport was returned to civil use. For the civil airport that served Tallahassee (1928-1961), see Dale Mabry Field

#12 Strauss Airfield

Strauss Airfield was an airfield in the Northern Territory of Australia in the locality of Noonamah [1] constructed between 19 March to 27 April 1942 during World War II . It was also known as 27 Mile Field or Humpty Doo Strip. Airport in Noonamah, Northern Territory Strauss Airfield Pilots of No. 4

#13 Barrow/Walney Island Airport

Barrow/Walney Island Airport ( IATA : BWF , ICAO : EGNL ) (formerly RAF Walney Island ) is located on Walney Island , 1.5   NM (2.8   km; 1.7   mi) northwest of the centre of Barrow-in-Furness , Cumbria , England. The airport is owned by BAE Systems , who operate private communication flights to loc

#14 Cramlington Aerodrome

Cramlington Aerodrome was a military airfield established in Northumberland during the First World War . It became a civil airfield serving the Tyneside area of north-east England and operated until 1935, when it was replaced by Woolsington Airport, now known as Newcastle International Airport . Def

#15 Rostov-on-Don Airport

Rostov-on-Don Airport ( Russian : Аэропорт Ростов-на-Дону ) Aeroport Rostov-na-Donu ( IATA : RVI (after Nov 26, 2017) / ROV (before Nov 27, 2017) , ICAO : URRR ) was an international airport located 8   km (5   mi) east of the city of Rostov-on-Don , in southern Russia. It was one of the largest air

#16 Da Nang Air Base

Da Nang Air Base ( Vietnamese : Căn cứ không quân Đà Nẵng ) (1930s–1975) (also known as Da Nang Airfield , Tourane Airfield or Tourane Air Base ) was a French Air Force and later Republic of Vietnam Air Force (RVNAF) facility located in the city of Da Nang , Vietnam . During the Vietnam War (1959–19

#17 Durban International Airport

Durban International Airport (formerly Louis Botha Airport ) was the international airport of Durban from 1951 until 2010, when it was replaced by King Shaka International Airport , 60 kilometres (37   mi) to the north. The airport is co-located with AFB Durban . Former airport of Durban, South Afri

#18 Santa Monica Airport

Santa Monica Airport ( IATA : SMO , ICAO : KSMO , FAA LID : SMO ) (Santa Monica Municipal Airport) is a general aviation airport largely in Santa Monica, California , United States. The airport is about 2 miles (3   km) from the Pacific Ocean ( Santa Monica Bay ) and 6 miles (10   km) north of Los A

#19 Gibraltar International Airport

Gibraltar International Airport or North Front Airport ( IATA : GIB , ICAO : LXGB ) is the civilian airport that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar . The runway is owned by the Ministry of Defence for use by the Royal Air Force as RAF Gibraltar . Civilian operators use the civilian-o

#20 Henry Post Army Airfield

Henry Post Army Airfield ( IATA : FSI , ICAO : KFSI , FAA LID : FSI ) is a military use airport located at Fort Sill in Comanche County, Oklahoma , United States. This military airport is owned by United States Army . [1] Established as Post Field in 1917, it was one of thirty-two Air Service traini

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Aeroplane / Aeroplane

#1 Gloster Meteor

The Gloster Meteor was the first British jet fighter and the Allies ' only jet aircraft to engage in combat operations during the Second World War . The Meteor's development was heavily reliant on its ground-breaking turbojet engines, pioneered by Frank Whittle and his company, Power Jets Ltd . Deve

#2 Junkers Ju 290

The Junkers Ju 290 was a large German, four-engine long-range transport , maritime patrol aircraft and heavy bomber used by the Luftwaffe late in World War II that had been developed from an earlier airliner. 1942 multi-role military aircraft family by Junkers Ju 290 Ju 290 in flight Role Maritime p

#3 Vickers F.B.5

The Vickers F.B.5 ( F ighting B iplane 5 ) (known as the " Gunbus ") was a British two-seat pusher military biplane of the First World War . Armed with a single .303   in (7.7   mm) Lewis gun operated by the observer in the front of the nacelle , it was the first aircraft purpose-built for air-to-ai

#4 Mikoyan MiG-29K

The Mikoyan MiG-29K ( Russian : Микоян МиГ-29K ; NATO reporting name : Fulcrum-D ) [9] is a Russian all-weather carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft developed by the Mikoyan Design Bureau . The MiG-29K was developed in the late 1980s from the MiG-29M . Mikoyan describes it as a 4+ generation air

#5 Tupolev TB-1

The Tupolev TB-1 [1] (development name ANT-4 ) was a Soviet bomber aircraft, an angular monoplane that served as the backbone of the Soviet bomber force for many years, and was the first large all-metal aircraft built in the Soviet Union. TB-1 (ANT-4) ANT-4 at the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Museum Role Heav

#6 Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is a wide-body aircraft developed and produced by Airbus . Airbus conceived several derivatives of the A300 , its first airliner in the mid-1970s. Then the company began development on the A330 twinjet in parallel with the A340 quadjet and launched both designs with their first order

#7 Messerschmitt Me 262

The Messerschmitt Me 262 , nicknamed Schwalbe (German: " Swallow ") in fighter versions, or Sturmvogel (German: " Storm Bird ") in fighter-bomber versions, is a German fighter aircraft and fighter-bomber that was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Design work started before

#8 IAR-93 Vultur

The Avioane Craiova IAR-93 Vultur ( Eagle ) is a twinjet , subsonic, close support , ground attack and tactical reconnaissance aircraft with secondary capability as low level interceptor . Built as single-seat main attack version or combat capable two-seat version for advanced flying and weapon trai

#9 Lockheed AC-130

The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft . It carries a wide array of ground-attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors , navigation , and fire-control systems . Unlike other modern m

#10 Blackburn Shark

The Blackburn Shark was a British carrier-borne torpedo bomber built by the Blackburn Aircraft company in England . It first flew on 24 August 1933 and went into service with the Fleet Air Arm , Royal Canadian Air Force , Portuguese Navy , and the British Air Observers' School, but was already obsol

#11 VL Pyörremyrsky

The VL Pyörremyrsky ("Hurricane") [1] was a Finnish fighter, designed by DI Torsti Verkkola at the State Aircraft Factory ( Valtion lentokonetehdas ) for service with the Finnish Air Force in World War II . The war ended before the type's first flight and only a prototype was built. 1940s Finnish fi

#12 WS-201

WS-201A , informally known as the 1954 Interceptor , was a United States Air Force project to develop a dedicated interceptor aircraft that would enter service in 1954. Several aircraft were developed as part of the project, leading to the F-102 Delta Dagger , F-106 Delta Dart , Republic XF-103 and,

#13 Junkers Ju 90

The Junkers Ju 90 was a 40-seat, four-engine airliner developed for and used by Deutsche Luft Hansa shortly before World War II . It was based on the rejected Ju 89 bomber . During the war, the Luftwaffe impressed them as military transports. Ju 90 Ju 90 V1 Der Grosse Dessauer with Daimler-Benz DB 6

#14 Gloster Javelin

The Gloster Javelin is a twin-engined T-tailed delta-wing subsonic night and all-weather interceptor aircraft that served with Britain's Royal Air Force from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s. The last aircraft design to bear the Gloster name, it was introduced in 1956 after a lengthy development p

#15 Cessna 206

The Cessna 205 , 206 , and 207 , known primarily as the Stationair (and marketed variously as the Super Skywagon , Skywagon and Super Skylane ) are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service as well as for personal use. The family wa

#16 Friedrichshafen FF.41

The Friedrichshafen FF.41a was a large, German -built, three-seat, twin-engine floatplane reconnaissance aircraft designed by Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen in 1917. FF.41a Role Reconnaissance Type of aircraft Manufacturer Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen GmbH First flight 1917 Introduction 1917 Primary   u

#17 HESA Kowsar

The HESA Kowsar ( Persian : کوثر , also spelt Kosar ) [1] is an Iranian fighter jet based on the American Northrop F-5 . [2] [3] The aircraft is equipped with new fourth generation avionics in combination with an advanced fire control system . [4] [1] Iranian fighter aircraft Kowsar HESA Kowsar Role

#18 Westland Whirlwind (fighter)

The Westland Whirlwind was a British twin-engined heavy fighter [ citation needed ] developed by Westland Aircraft . A contemporary of the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane , it was the first single-seat, twin-engined, cannon-armed fighter of the Royal Air Force . 1938 fighter aircraft famil

#19 Macchi C.202 Folgore

The Macchi C.202 Folgore ( Italian "thunderbolt") was an Italian fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Macchi Aeronautica. It was operated mainly by the Regia Aeronautica ( RA ; Royal ( Italian ) Air Force) in and around the Second World War . According to aviation author David Mondey, the

#20 Supersonic transport

A supersonic transport ( SST ) or a supersonic airliner is a civilian supersonic aircraft designed to transport passengers at speeds greater than the speed of sound . To date, the only SSTs to see regular service have been Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144 . The last passenger flight of the Tu-144 was

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Aircraft carrier / Aircraft carrier

#1 List of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy

Aircraft carriers are warships that act as airbases for carrier-based aircraft . In the United States Navy , these consist of ships commissioned with hull classification symbols CV (aircraft carrier), CVA (attack aircraft carrier), CVB (large aircraft carrier), CVL (light aircraft carrier), CVN (air

#2 USS Wasp (CV-7)

USS Wasp (CV-7) was a United States Navy aircraft carrier commissioned in 1940 and lost in action in 1942. She was the eighth ship named USS   Wasp , and the sole ship of a class built to use up the remaining tonnage allowed to the U.S. for aircraft carriers under the treaties of the time. As a redu

#3 Japanese aircraft carrier Sōryū

Sōryū ( 蒼龍 , Sōryū , meaning " Blue (or Green) Dragon") was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the mid-1930s. A sister ship , Hiryū , was intended to follow Sōryū , but Hiryū ' s design was heavily modified and she is often considered to be a separate class . [Note

#4 USS Wright (CVL-49)

USS Wright (CVL-49/AVT-7) was a Saipan -class light aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy , later converted to the command ship CC-2 . It is the second ship named "Wright". The first Wright   (AV-1) was named for Orville Wright; the second honored both Wright brothers: Orville and Wilbur . [1] Saipan-cl

#5 Japanese aircraft carrier Chitose

Chitose ( 千歳 ) was a warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy that served from 1938 to 1944, seeing service as a seaplane carrier and later as a light aircraft carrier during World War II . In her initial guise as a seaplane carrier, she first saw service during the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1938, an

#6 Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryū

Hiryū ( 飛龍 , "Flying Dragon") was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1930s. Generally regarded as the only ship of her class, she was built to a modified Sōryū design. [Note 1] Her aircraft supported the Japanese invasion of French Indochina in mid-1940. She to

#7 USS Lexington (CV-16)

USS Lexington (CV/CVA/CVS/CVT/AVT-16) , nicknamed " The Blue Ghost ", is an Essex -class aircraft carrier built during World War II for the United States Navy . Originally intended to be named Cabot , the new aircraft carrier was renamed while under construction to commemorate the recently-lost USS

#8 Type B1 submarine

The Type B1 submarine ( 巡潜乙型潜水艦 , Junsen Otsu-gata sensuikan , lit. "Cruiser submarine type B") , also called I-15 -class submarine ( 伊一五型潜水艦 , I-jū-go-gata sensuikan ) was the first group of boats of the Type B cruiser submarines built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1940s. In total

#9 HMS Atheling

HMS Atheling (D51) was a Royal Navy Ruler-class escort carrier of the Second World War. She was a US built ship provided under lend lease and returned to the US at the end of hostilities. For other ships with the same name, see USS Glacier . HMS Atheling (D51) underway on 22 December 1943 History Un

#10 Implacable-class aircraft carrier

The Implacable -class aircraft carrier consisted of two aircraft carriers built for the Royal Navy during World War II . Derived from the design of the Illustrious class , they were faster and carried more aircraft than the older ships. They were initially assigned to the Home Fleet when completed i

#11 HMS Shah (D21)

USS Jamaica (CVE-43) (originally AVG-43 then later ACV-43 ), was an escort carrier of World War II that served in the British Royal Navy as HMS Shah (D21) . Returned to the United States at war's end, she was converted into a merchant vessel and she was sold into civilian service in 1946 as Salta .

#12 Chitose-class aircraft carrier

The Chitose -class aircraft carriers ( 千歳型航空母艦 , Chitose-gata kōkūbokan ) were a class of two seaplane tenders , later converted to light aircraft carriers , of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II . Under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty , the total tonnage of Japan's naval vessel

#13 USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) , formerly CVA-63 , is a decommissioned United States Navy supercarrier . She was the second naval ship named after Kitty Hawk, North Carolina , the site of the Wright brothers ' first powered airplane flight. Kitty Hawk was the first of the three Kitty Hawk -class aircraft ca

#14 USS Windham Bay

USS Windham Bay (CVE-92) was the thirty-eighth of fifty Casablanca -class escort carriers built for the United States Navy during World War II . She was named after Windham Bay , within Tongass National Forest , of the Territory of Alaska . The ship was launched in March 1944, commissioned in May, a

#15 USS Wolverine (IX-64)

USS Wolverine (IX-64) was a training ship used by the United States Navy during World War II . She was originally named Seeandbee and was built as a Great Lakes luxury side-wheel steamer cruise ship for the Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company. Seeandbee was launched on 9 November 1912 and was norm

#16 HMS Implacable (R86)

HMS Implacable was the name ship of her class of two aircraft carriers built for the Royal Navy during World War II . Upon completion in 1944, she was initially assigned to the Home Fleet and attacked targets in Norway for the rest of the year. She was subsequently assigned to the British Pacific Fl

#17 Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō

Ryūjō ( Japanese : 龍驤 "Prancing Dragon") was a light aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the early 1930s. Small and lightly built in an attempt to exploit a loophole in the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, she proved to be top-heavy and only marginally stable and was b

#18 Timeline for aircraft carrier service

Aircraft carriers have their origins during the days of World War I . The earliest experiments consisted of fitting temporary "flying off" platforms to the gun turrets of the warships of several nations, notably the United States and the United Kingdom. The first ship to be modified with a permanent

#19 HMS Formidable (67)

HMS Formidable was an Illustrious -class aircraft carrier ordered for the Royal Navy before the Second World War. After being completed in late 1940, she was briefly assigned to the Home Fleet before being transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet as a replacement for her crippled sister ship Illustrio

#20 Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi

Akagi ( Japanese : 赤城, "red castle") was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), named after Mount Akagi in present-day Gunma Prefecture . Though she was laid down as an Amagi -class battlecruiser , Akagi was converted to an aircraft carrier while still under construction to

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Airline / Airline

#1 Norsk Luftambulanse

Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse ("Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation", NLA ) is a Norwegian humanitarian organisation , organised as a non-profit foundation . It primarily promotes and operates helicopter air ambulance services. As of 2014 [update] , they operate seven Eurocopter EC135 and one EC145

#2 TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines E.P. ( Portuguese : TAAG Linhas Aéreas de Angola E.P. ) is a state-owned airline and flag carrier of Angola . [2] Based in Luanda , the airline operates domestic services within Angola, medium-haul services in Africa and long-haul services to Brazil , Cuba , and Portugal . [3] [

#3 South African Airways

South African Airways ( SAA ) is the flag carrier airline of South Africa . [4] Founded in 1934, the airline is headquartered in Airways Park at O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and operated a hub-and-spoke network, serving ten destinations in Africa. [1] The carrier joined Star All

#4 LATAM Colombia

Aerovías de Integración Regional S.A. ( Acronym : AIRES , lit. airs ), d/b/a LATAM Airlines Colombia , and formerly known as LAN Colombia , is a Colombian airline . It is the second-largest air carrier in Colombia. It operates scheduled regional domestic passenger services, as well as a domestic car

#5 Oman Air

Oman Air ( Arabic : الطيران العماني ) is the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman . [1] Based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb , Muscat , it operates domestic and international passenger services, as well as regional air taxi and charter flights. [2] Flag carrier of Oman Oman Air IATA IC

#6 Sunclass Airlines

Sunclass Airlines A/S (formerly Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia ) is a Danish charter airline that operates charter services from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The company is affiliated with Ving Group, a Nordic tour operator. It and Ving Group were a part of Thomas Cook Group until 23 Decem

#7 Lufthansa Italia

Lufthansa Italia S.p.A. was an Italian airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Lufthansa Group headquartered in Milan and based at Milan–Malpensa Airport . Operations started on 2 February 2009 and ceased on 29 October 2011. [1] Italian airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of the German

#8 Hayways (airline)

Hayways ( Armenian : Հայուեյզ ) [1] is an Armenian airline that was founded in October 2019 and received its Air Operator Certificate on 2 July 2020. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove these template mess

#9 El Al

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. ( TASE :   ELAL , Hebrew : אל על נתיבי אויר לישראל בע״מ ), [3] trading as El Al (Hebrew: אל על ‎ , "Upwards", "To the Skies" or "Skywards", stylized as EL על ‎ AL אל ‎ ; Arabic : إل-عال ), is the flag carrier of Israel . [4] [5] Since its inaugural flight from Geneva to Te

#10 Noar Linhas Aéreas

Noar Linhas Aéreas S/A ( No rdeste A viação R egional Linhas Aéreas) was a Brazilian domestic airline with headquarters in Caruaru , Brazil . Regular scheduled services started on June 14, 2010. [1] Brazilian airline Noar Linhas Aéreas S/A IATA ICAO Callsign – NRA NOAR Founded 2009 Commenced operati

#11 Flydubai

Flydubai ( Arabic : فلاي دبي ), legally Dubai Aviation Corporation ( Arabic : مؤسسة دبي للطيران [2] ), is an Emirati government-owned low-cost airline in Dubai , United Arab Emirates with its head office and flight operations in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport . [3] The airline operates a

#12 Concorde aircraft histories

Twenty Concorde aircraft were built, six for development and 14 for commercial service. Two prototypes Two pre-production aircraft Two development aircraft 14 production aircraft Wikimedia list article This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2013 ) Concorde British Airways C

#13 Fiji Link

Fiji Link is the trade name for Fiji Airlines Limited , which is a Fijian domestic airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of the international carrier Fiji Airways . It is headquartered at the Fiji Link office in the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAFI) compound at Nadi International Airport in N

#14 Mokulele Airlines

Southern Airways Express , doing business as Mokulele Airlines, [2] is an American commuter airline operating in Hawaii . [3] The airline operates scheduled inter-island and charter flights among all Hawaiian islands with airports. Mokulele Airlines was the first FAA Part 135 Scheduled Airline to ha

#15 Invicta International Airlines

Invicta International Airlines Ltd was a charter airline based at Manston Airport in the United Kingdom. It operated non-scheduled passenger and freight services between 1965 and 1982. UK charter airline Invicta International Airlines IATA ICAO Callsign IM "India Mike" or "Invicta" Founded 1964 Comm

#16 Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Limited ( Māori : Araraurangi Aotearoa [7] ) is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand . Based in Auckland , the airline operates scheduled passenger flights to 20 domestic and 32 international destinations in 18 countries, primarily around and within the Pacific Rim . [8] The airli

#17 Magnicharters

Grupo Aereo Monterrey S.A. de C.V. , known under the commercial name Magnicharters , is an airline with its headquarters in Colonia Juárez , Cuauhtémoc , Mexico City , operating domestic holiday flights out of Mexico City International Airport . Magnicharters A Magnicharters Boeing 737-300 at Mexico

#18 Sudan Airways

Sudan Airways ( Arabic : الخطوط الجوية السودانية ) is the national airline of Sudan , [1] headquartered in Khartoum . Since 2012, the company has been fully owned by the Government of Sudan . [2] Flag-carrier airline of Sudan Sudan Airways الخطوط الجوية السودانية IATA ICAO Callsign SD SUD SUDANAIR F

#19 Tayaranjet

Tayaran Jet Jsc. ( Bulgarian : Таяран Джет ) was [3] an airline based in Sofia , Bulgaria . [4] It operated both charter services as well as low-cost flights from Trapani , Italy . This article relies excessively on references to primary sources . ( November 2021 ) Tayaran Jet Таяран Джет IATA ICAO

#20 Taos Air

Taos Air is a virtual airline that operates seasonal scheduled public air charter service between Taos Regional Airport in Taos, New Mexico and several airports in California and Texas. The airline is owned by Taos Ski Valley, Inc. and operates the Fairchild Dornier 328JET . Service to Texas began i

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Airship / Airship

#1 Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon is a lighter-than-air aircraft consisting of a bag, called an envelope, which contains heated air. Suspended beneath is a gondola or wicker basket (in some long-distance or high-altitude balloons, a capsule), which carries passengers and a source of heat, in most cases an open flam

#2 List of Schütte-Lanz airships

Schütte-Lanz (SL) is the name of a series of rigid airships designed and built by the Luftschiffbau Schütte-Lanz company from 1909 until 1917. [1] One research and four passenger airships were planned for post-war use, but were never built. The Schütte-Lanz company was an early competitor of the mor

#3 Willows airships

The Willows airships were a series of pioneering non-rigid airships designed and built in Wales by Ernest Thompson Willows in the first decade of the 20th century. The first airship Willows No. 1 flew in 1905, and the last, the Willows No. 5 in 1913. [1] Willows airship Willows No. 4 (His Majesty's

#4 List of Zeppelins

This is a complete list of Zeppelins constructed by the German Zeppelin companies from 1900 until 1938. Other rigid airships that are also sometimes referred to as zeppelins but not built by Zeppelin are not included. For other uses of "Zeppelin", see Zeppelin (disambiguation) . This article needs a

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Air Forces / Air Forces

#1 Jagdgeschwader 26

Jagdgeschwader 26 (JG   26) Schlageter was a German fighter - wing of World War II . It was named after Albert Leo Schlageter , a World War I veteran, Freikorps member, and posthumous Nazi martyr, arrested and executed by the French for sabotage in 1923. The wing fought predominantly against the Wes

#2 No. 268 Squadron RAF

No. 268 Squadron RAF was a Second World War Royal Air Force squadron that operated the North American Mustang on missions over occupied Europe and in support of the D-Day landings. No. 268 Squadron RAF Active 1918–1919 1940–1945 1945–1946 Country United Kingdom Branch Royal Air Force Motto(s) Adjida

#3 No. 2 Squadron RAAF

No. 2 Squadron is a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) squadron that operates from RAAF Base Williamtown , near Newcastle, New South Wales . From its formation in 1916 as part of the Australian Flying Corps , it has flown a variety of aircraft types including fighters , bombers , and Airborne Early W

#4 107th Fighter Squadron

The 107th Fighter Squadron is a unit of the Michigan Air National Guard 127th Wing . It is assigned to Selfridge Air National Guard Base , Michigan and is equipped with the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft. United States Air Force Air Combat Command unit This article's lead section ma

#5 318th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

The 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with 25th Air Division based at McChord AFB , Washington. The squadron was inactivated on 7 December 1989. 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadron F-15 Eagle of the 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadr

#6 22nd Fighter Squadron

The 22nd Fighter Squadron , sometimes written as 22d Fighter Squadron , ( 22 FS ) is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 52nd Operations Group and stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base , Germany. 22nd Fighter Squadron 22nd Fighter Squadron - McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagl

#7 497th Bombardment Group

The 497th Bombardment Group was a group of the United States Army Air Forces . The unit was inactivated on 31 March 1946. United States Army Air Forces unit This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citatio

#8 No. 57 Squadron RAF

Number 57 Squadron , also known as No. LVII Squadron , is a Royal Air Force flying training squadron, operating the Grob Prefect T1 from RAF Cranwell , Lincolnshire . Flying squadron of the Royal Air Force No. 57 Squadron RAF Squadron badge Active 8 June 1916 – 1 April 1918 ( RFC ) 1 April 1918 – 31

#9 No. 7 Group RAF

No. 7 Group of the Royal Air Force was an RAF group active in the latter part of the First World War , during the 1920s and also in the Second World War . This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations

#10 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing , stationed at Torrejon Air Base , Spain, where it was inactivated on 28 June 1991. 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-16A Fighting Falcon of the 613th Squadron [no

#11 Jagdgeschwader 27

Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG   27) " Afrika " was a fighter wing of the Luftwaffe during World War II . The wing was given the name "Africa" for serving in the North African Campaign predominantly alone in the period from April 1941 to September 1942. Elements of JG   27 fought in every major theatre of op

#12 722d Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 722d Tactical Fighter Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 450th Tactical Fighter Wing at Foster Air Force Base , Texas, where it was inactivated on 18 December 1958. 722d Tactical Fighter Squadron 450th Fighter-Day Wing F-100 Super Sabres at Foster A

#13 No. 15 Squadron IAF

No. 15 Squadron is a fighter squadron of the Indian Air Force . It was formed on 20 August 1951, and currently operates the Sukhoi Su-30MKI from Sirsa AFS . [1] [2] No. 15 Squadron Active 2 August 1951 — February 1953 26 November 1964 — July 2009 2012 — Present Country Republic of India Branch   Ind

#14 No. 1 Squadron RAF

Number 1 Squadron , also known as No. 1 (Fighter) Squadron , is a squadron of the Royal Air Force . It was the first squadron to fly a VTOL aircraft. [6] It currently operates Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth . [6] Flying squadron of the Royal Air Force Not to be confused with No. 1

#15 27th Intelligence Squadron

The 27th Intelligence Squadron is an active squadron of the United States Air Force , stationed at Langley Air Force Base , part of Joint Base Langley-Eustis , near Hampton, Virginia . It is assigned to the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing . 27th Intelligence Squadron 27 Inte

#16 317th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

The 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit, last assigned to Aerospace Defense Command , being stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base , Alaska, where it was inactivated on 31 December 1969. 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 317th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron F

#17 13th Fighter Squadron

The 13th Fighter Squadron is a fighter squadron of the United States Air Force . The squadron flies the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon and is part of the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa Air Base , Japan. United States Air Force combat squadron This article is about the 13th Fighter Squadron first

#18 157th Air Refueling Wing

The 157th Air Refueling Wing (157 ARW) is a unit of the New Hampshire Air National Guard , stationed at Pease Air National Guard Base , Portsmouth , New Hampshire , United States. If activated to federal service, the Wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command . Unit of the Ne

#19 No. 3 Group RAF

No. 3 Group (3 Gp) of the Royal Air Force was an RAF group first active in 1918, again in 1923–26, part of RAF Bomber Command from 1936 to 1967, and part of RAF Strike Command from 2000 until it disbanded on 1 April 2006. No. 3 Group No. 3 Group badge Active 1918–1921 1923–1926 1936–1967 2000–2006 C

#20 18th Intelligence Squadron

The 18th Intelligence Squadron is an intelligence organization of the United States Air Force , located at Buckley Space Force Base , Colorado. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove these template messages )

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Design / Design

#1 Supersonic speed

Supersonic speed is the speed of an object that exceeds the speed of sound ( Mach   1). For objects traveling in dry air of a temperature of 20   °C (68   °F) at sea level , this speed is approximately 343.2   m/s (1,126   ft/s; 768   mph; 667.1   kn; 1,236   km/h) . Speeds greater than five times t

#2 Gregorio Millán Barbany

Gregorio Millán Barbany (4 April 1919, Barcelona – 26 November 2004, Madrid ) [1] was an aeronautical engineer and professor at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Aeronautics ( ETSI Aeronáuticos , Higher Technical School of Aeronautical Engineers) of the Technical University of Madrid ( Univ

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Designer / Designer

#1 Sergey Tumansky

Sergei Konstantinovich Tumansky ( Russian : Серге́й Константинович Туманский ; 21 May   [ O.S. 8 May ]   1901 – 9 September 1973) was a designer of Soviet aircraft engines and the chief designer in the Tumansky Design Bureau, OKB-300. He worked in TsIAM (1931–38 and in 1940), and at the aircraft-eng

#2 Karen Burt

Karen Ann Hilsum Burt (née Hilsum) CPhys MInstP (26 Nov 1954 - 20 June 1997) was a British engineer and campaigner for the recruitment and retention of women in engineering. British engineer Karen Burt Born Karen Ann Hilsum ( 1954-11-26 ) 26 November 1954 Died 20 June 1997 (1997-06-20) (aged   42) I

#3 List of pilots awarded an Aviator's Certificate by the Royal Aero Club in 1913

The Royal Aero Club issued Aviators Certificates from 1910. These were internationally recognised under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale .

#4 Farah Alibay

Farah Alibay is a Canadian systems engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has worked on the InSight , Mars Cube One , and Mars 2020 missions. [1] Canadian systems engineer Farah Alibay Systems engineer Farah Alibay Born Montreal , Quebec Alma   mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology

#5 Richard Walker (engineer)

Richard Walter Walker (27 December 1900 – 10 April 1982) FRAeS was a British aerospace engineer, and main designer for jet aircraft of Gloster Aircraft Company .

#6 List of pilots awarded an Aviator's Certificate by the Royal Aero Club in 1912

The Royal Aero Club issued Aviators Certificates from 1910. These were internationally recognised under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale .

#7 Jiro Tanaka

Jiro Tanaka ( 田中 次郎 , Tanaka Jirō , born January 16, 1917) is a Japanese aircraft and automotive engineer . Japanese engineer Jiro Tanaka 田中 次郎 Jiro Tanaka in front of the Tachikawa Ki-74 after World War II Born ( 1917-01-16 ) 16 January 1917 (age   105) Shibuya, Tokyo Nationality Japanese Education

#8 List of pilots awarded an Aviator's Certificate by the Royal Aero Club in 1914

The Royal Aero Club issued Aviators Certificates from 1910. These were internationally recognised under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale .

#9 List of pilots awarded an Aviator's Certificate by the Aéro-Club de France in 1910

The Aéro-Club de France issued Aviators Certificates from 1909. These were internationally recognised under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale .

#10 Alessandro Cagno

Alessandro Umberto Cagno , Umberto Cagno , nicknamed Sandrin (2 May 1883 – 23 December 1971) was an Italian racing driver, aviation pioneer and powerboat racer. Alessandro Umberto Cagno Cagno at 1914 French Grand Prix Born ( 1883-05-02 ) 2 May 1883 Turin , Italy Died 23 December 1971 (1971-12-23) (a

#11 Joseph Joel Hammond

Joseph Joel Hammond (1886 – 22 September 1918) was a pioneering New Zealand aviator. [1] On 17 January 1914 at Epsom showgrounds he took New Zealand's first military plane, a Blériot XI-2 , for its first flight. [2] Joseph Joel Hammond Joseph Joel Hammond flying his Bristol Boxkite at the Ascot Race

#12 Gerald D. Griffin

Gerald D. Griffin (born December 25, 1934) is an American aeronautical engineer and former NASA official, who served as a flight director during the Apollo program and director of Johnson Space Center , succeeding Chris Kraft in 1982. American aerospace engineer and businessman For the Irish novelis

#13 Ed Heinemann

Edward Henry Heinemann (March 14, 1908 – November 26, 1991) was a military aircraft designer for the Douglas Aircraft Company . Aircraft designer Edward Henry Heinemann Born ( 1908-03-14 ) March 14, 1908 Saginaw, Michigan Died November 26, 1991 (1991-11-26) (aged   83) Occupation Aeronautical engine

#14 Lewis Archer Boswell

Lewis Archer Boswell (May 9, 1834 – November 26, 1909) was an early aviation pioneer who some believe made the first powered heavier-than-air flight , before the Wright Brothers .

#15 Robert Marsland Groves

Air Commodore Robert Marsland Groves , CB , DSO , AFC (3 January 1880 – 27 May 1920) was a Royal Navy officer involved with naval aviation during the First World War . He was awarded his Aviator's Certificate no. 969 on 15 November 1914. After transferring to the Royal Air Force in 1918, he served a

#16 Stanko Bloudek

Stanko Bloudek (11 February 1890 – 26 November 1959) was a Slovenian aeroplane and automobile designer, a sportsman and a sport inventor, designer, builder and educator. Slovenian sportsman, designer, and builder Stanko Bloudek

#17 Carlo Buongiorno

Carlo Buongiorno (12 March 1930 – 26 November 2011), was an Italian aerospace engineer, first Director of the Italian Space Agency and professor at the Sapienza University , in Rome . He was a pivotal figure in the Italian space program. [1] This article needs additional citations for verification .

#18 Elrey Borge Jeppesen

Elrey Borge Jeppesen (January 28, 1907 – November 26, 1996) was an American aviation pioneer noted for his contributions in the field of air navigation . He worked as a pilot and began making detailed notes about his routes at a time when aviators had to rely on little more than automobile road maps

#19 John Robertson Duigan

John Robertson Duigan MC (31 May 1882 – 11 June 1951) was an Australian pioneer aviator who built and flew the first Australian-made aircraft . Duigan was born in Terang , Victoria , and grew up in Melbourne attending Brighton Grammar School . He travelled to the United Kingdom in late 1901 to study

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Engine / Engine

#1 Rolls-Royce Trent

The Rolls-Royce Trent is a family of high-bypass turbofans produced by Rolls-Royce . It continues the three spool architecture of the RB211 with a maximum thrust ranging from 61,900 to 97,000   lbf (275 to 431   kN ) . Launched as the RB-211-524L in June 1988, the prototype first ran in August 1990.

#2 Continental O-470

The Continental O-470 engine is a family of carbureted and fuel-injected six-cylinder, horizontally opposed , air-cooled aircraft engines that was developed especially for use in light aircraft by Continental Motors . Engines designated "IO" are fuel-injected. [1] [2] 6-cylinder air-cooled aircraft

#3 Rolls-Royce Trent 800

The Rolls-Royce Trent 800 is a high-bypass turbofan produced by Rolls-Royce plc , one of the engine options for the early Boeing 777 variants. Launched in September 1991, it first ran in September 1993, was granted EASA certification on 27 January 1995, and entered service in 1996. It reached a 40%

#4 Aviadvigatel PD-14

The Aviadvigatel PD-14 (previously known as PS-12) is a high-bypass turbofan being developed by Aviadvigatel to power the Irkut MC-21 twin-jet airliner . It is a 14 tf (30,865 lbf) thrust powerplant. 2010s Russian turbofan aircraft engine PD-14 Side view Type Turbofan National origin Russia Manufact

#5 Rolls-Royce Trent 7000

The Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 is a high-bypass turbofan engine produced by Rolls-Royce , an iteration of the Trent family powering exclusively the Airbus A330neo . Announced on 14 July 2014, it first ran on 27 November 2015. It made its first flight on 19 October 2017 aboard on the A330neo. It received

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Event / Event

#1 Aeroflot accidents and incidents in the 1980s

Following is a list of accidents and incidents experienced by Aeroflot during the 1980s. The deadliest accident the carrier experienced in this decade occurred in July   1985   ( 1985-07 ) , when Flight 7425 , a Tupolev Tu-154B-2 , stalled en route and crashed near Uchkuduk , then located in the Uzb

#2 List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1955–1959)

This is a list of notable accidents and incidents involving military aircraft grouped by the year in which the accident or incident occurred. Not all of the aircraft were in operation at the time. Combat losses are not included except for a very few cases denoted by singular circumstances. This tran

#3 Flydubai Flight 981

Flydubai Flight 981 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Dubai International Airport , in the United Arab Emirates, to Rostov-on-Don Airport , Russia. On 19 March 2016, the Boeing 737-800 aircraft serving the flight crashed during a go-around , killing all 62 passengers and crew on bo

#4 List of Deutsche Luft Hansa accidents and incidents

This is a list of accidents and incidents involving German airline Deutsche Luft Hansa (1926-1945). The airline suffered a total of 58 accidents. [1]

#5 Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention (formally, the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air ) is a multilateral treaty adopted by a diplomatic meeting of ICAO member states in 1999. It amended important provisions of the Warsaw Convention 's regime concerning compensatio

#6 List of accidents and incidents involving the Douglas DC-4

The Douglas DC-4 is a piston-engine airliner and transport aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from 1942 to 1947. The type was originally designed as a commercial airliner, but until the end of World War II , all were built as military transports . After the war, many of these military ai

#7 List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (A–C)

This list of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline summarizes airline accidents and all kinds of minor incidents by airline company with flight number, location, date, aircraft type, and cause. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2012 ) JetBlue Flight 2

#8 1979 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1979: Years in aviation : 1976   1977   1978   1979   1980   1981   1982 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1940s   1950s   1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s Years : 1976   1977   1978   1979   1980   1981   19

#9 British Airways Flight 38

British Airways Flight 38 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing , China, to London Heathrow Airport in London , United Kingdom, an 8,100-kilometre (4,400   nmi; 5,000   mi) trip. On 17 January 2008, the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft operatin

#10 List of Trans World Airlines accidents and incidents

This is a list of accidents and incidents involving American airlines Trans World Airlines and Transcontinental & Western Air. The airlines suffered a combined total of 106 accidents. [1] [2]

#11 List of aviation shootdowns and accidents during the Iraq War

This list of aviation shootdowns and accidents during the Iraq War includes incidents with Coalition and civilian aircraft during the Iraq War . According to media reports, 129 helicopters and 24 fixed-wing aircraft were lost in Iraq between the 2003 invasion and February 2009. Of these incidents, 4

#12 1925 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1925. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2010 ) The areas of the world covered by commercial aviation in 1925 Years in aviation : 1922   1923   1924   1925   1926   1927   1928 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th cent

#13 2015 Fox Glacier helicopter crash

On 21 November 2015, a Eurocopter AS350 Astar helicopter, operated by Alpine Adventures on a sightseeing flight, crashed on Fox Glacier in the South Island of New Zealand. All seven people on board died. [1] [2] Aviation accident 2015 Fox Glacier helicopter crash Example of a Eurocopter AS350 Accide

#14 2005 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 2005: List of aviation-related events in 2005 Years in aviation : 2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008 Centuries : 20th century   ·   21st century   ·   22nd century Decades : 1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s   2030s Years : 2002

#15 List of accidents and incidents involving helicopters

This article is a list of accidents and incidents involving helicopters and which are notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia. It is grouped by the years in which the accidents and incidents occurred.

#16 2012 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 2012 . Years in aviation : 2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015 Centuries : 20th century   ·   21st century   ·   22nd century Decades : 1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s   2030s   2040s Years : 2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   20

#17 List of accidents and incidents involving the Antonov An-24

The Antonov An-24 has suffered 159 accidents with a total of 2,134 fatalities.

#18 Air China Flight 129

Air China Flight 129 (CCA129/CA129) was a scheduled international passenger flight, operated by Air China , from Beijing Capital International Airport to Gimhae International Airport in Busan . On April 15, 2002, the aircraft on this route, a Boeing 767-200ER , crashed into a hill near the airport,

#19 1993 Auckland mid-air collision

The 1993 Auckland mid-air collision was an aircraft accident in New Zealand. [1] It occurred on 26 November 1993, when two aircraft operated by Airwork , under contract to the New Zealand Police , collided and crashed in central Auckland . The mid-air collision of the Aérospatiale TwinStar helicopte

#20 2003 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 2003: Years in aviation : 2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006 Centuries : 20th century   ·   21st century   ·   22nd century Decades : 1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s   2030s Years : 2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   200

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Glider / Glider

#1 Slingsby Dart

The Slingsby Type 51 Dart is a single seat competition glider designed in the early 1960s, initially as a 15 m span Standard Class aircraft but evolved into an Open Class , 17 m sailplane. It was the last Slingsby sailplane to be mostly constructed of wood. British single-seat glider, 1963 Dart Dart

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Helicopter / Helicopter

#1 Bell UH-1 Iroquois

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed " Huey ") is a utility military helicopter designed and produced by the American aerospace company Bell Helicopter . It is the first member of the prolific Huey family , as well as the first turbine-powered helicopter in service with the United States military . Fam

#2 Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion

The CH-53 Sea Stallion ( Sikorsky S-65 ) is an American family of heavy-lift transport helicopters designed and built by Sikorsky Aircraft . Originally developed for use by the United States Marine Corps , it is currently in service with Germany, Iran, and Israel. The United States Air Force operate

#3 Bell AH-1 Cobra

The Bell AH-1 Cobra is a single-engined attack helicopter developed and manufactured by the American rotorcraft manufacturer Bell Helicopter . A member of the prolific Huey family , the AH-1 is also referred to as the HueyCobra or Snake . This article is about the single-engine Cobra. For the twin-e

#4 Boeing AH-64 Apache

The Boeing AH-64 Apache ( / ə ˈ p æ tʃ i / ) is an American twin- turboshaft attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and a tandem cockpit for a crew of two. It features a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems . It is armed with a 30   mm (

#5 Bell CH-146 Griffon

The Bell CH-146 Griffon is a multi-role utility helicopter designed by Bell Helicopter Textron as a variant of the Bell 412EP for the Canadian Armed Forces . The CH-146 is used in a wide variety of roles, including aerial firepower, reconnaissance, search and rescue and aero-mobility tasks. [1] Mili

#6 NHIndustries NH90

The NHIndustries NH90 is a medium-sized, twin-engine, multi-role military helicopter . It was developed in response to NATO requirements for a battlefield helicopter which would also be capable of being operated in naval environments. The NH90 was developed and is manufactured by NHIndustries , a co

#7 AgustaWestland AW101

The AgustaWestland AW101 is a medium-lift helicopter in military and civil use. First flown in 1987, it was developed by a joint venture between Westland Helicopters in the United Kingdom and Agusta in Italy in response to national requirements for a modern naval utility helicopter. Several operator

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Manufacturer / Manufacturer

#1 Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins was a multinational corporation headquartered in Cedar Rapids , Iowa , providing avionics and information technology systems and services to government agencies and aircraft manufacturers . It was formed when the Collins Radio Company , facing financial difficulties, was purchased b

#2 Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace , a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary, is one of the world's largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina , United States. [4] Aerospace manufacturer Collins Aerospace Type Subsidiary Industry Aerospace and industrial Predecessors R

#3 Rohr, Inc.

Rohr, Inc. is an aerospace manufacturing company based in Chula Vista , California , south of San Diego . It is a wholly owned unit of the Collins Aerospace division of Raytheon Technologies ; [1] it was founded in 1940 by Frederick H. Rohr as Rohr Aircraft . This article needs additional citations

#4 Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries

Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd. ( Chinese : 山东滨奥飞机制造有限公司 ) is located in the Dagao Town , Zhanhua County , Binzhou City , Shandong province, China . Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries Industry Aircraft Manufacturer Founded 2008   Headquarters China Total assets $42,000,000

#5 Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero

Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero Limited , also known as Mechanizations and Aero Ltd and Nuffield Mechanizations Ltd [1] was Lord Nuffield 's (W R Morris's) personal enterprise developing improved methods for mechanisation and mobility of the British Army and the ground section of the Royal Air Forc

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Weapon / Weapon

#1 152 mm air defense gun KM-52

The 152   mm air defense gun KM-52 is a type of experimental anti-aircraft artillery developed by the Experimental Design Bureau (now independent as NPO Novator ) of Plant No.8 . This article does not cite any sources . ( June 2019 ) Weapon 152 mm air defense gun KM-32 Place   of   origin USSR Produ

#2 Vickers machine gun

The Vickers machine gun or Vickers gun is a name primarily used to refer to the water-cooled .303 British (7.7   mm) machine gun produced by Vickers Limited , originally for the British Army . The machine gun typically required a six- to eight-man team to operate: one fired, one fed the ammunition,

#3 3M22 Zircon

The 3M22 Zircon [15] also spelled as 3M22 Tsirkon ( Russian : Циркон , NATO reporting name : SS-N-33 ) [16] is a scramjet powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile produced by Russia. [17] [18] Type of anti-ship missile This article is about the Russian hypersonic missile. For other us

#4 Project Wizard

Project Wizard was a Cold War -era anti-ballistic missile system to defend against short and medium-range threats of the V-2 rocket type. It was contracted by the US Army Air Force in March 1946 with the University of Michigan's Aeronautical Research Center (MARC). A similar effort, Project Thumper

#5 Barak 8

Barak 8 ( Hebrew : בָּרָק , lit. "Lightning"), also known as LR-SAM or as MR-SAM, [9] [10] [11] is an Indo-Israeli jointly developed surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, designed to defend against any type of airborne threat including aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles , and UAVs as well as b

#6 Nike Zeus

Nike Zeus was an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system developed by the US Army during the late 1950s and early 1960s that was designed to destroy incoming Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile warheads before they could hit their targets. It was designed by Bell Labs' Nike team, and was initially

#7 Nike Hercules

The Nike Hercules , initially designated SAM-A-25 and later MIM-14 , was a surface-to-air missile (SAM) used by U.S. and NATO armed forces for medium- and high-altitude long-range air defense . It was normally armed with the W31 nuclear warhead , but could also be fitted with a conventional warhead

#8 Henschel Hs 293

The Henschel Hs 293 was a World War II German radio-guided glide bomb . It is the first operational anti-shipping missile , first used unsuccessfully on 25 August 1943 and then with increasing success over the next year, ultimately damaging or sinking at least 25 ships. Allied efforts to jam the rad

#9 Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme

The Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Program is an initiative to develop and deploy a multi-layered ballistic missile defence system to protect India from ballistic missile attacks. Phase 1 has been successfully tested and completed and deployment awaits final official permission. Phase 2 is under d

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