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Aerodrome / Aerodrome

#1 Advanced Landing Ground

Advanced Landing Grounds ( ALGs ) were temporary advance airfields constructed by the Allies during World War II during the liberation of Europe. They were built in the UK prior to the invasion and thereafter in northwest Europe from 6 June 1944 to V-E Day , 7 May 1945. It has been suggested that th

#2 RAF Reykjavik

Royal Air Force Station Reykjavik or more simply RAF Reykjavik is a former Royal Air Force station , at Reykjavík Airport , Iceland . Former Royal Air Force station in Iceland RAF Reykjavik Hurricane aircraft at RAF Reykjavik during World War II IATA : RKV ICAO : BIRK Summary Airport type Military O

#3 Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza ( Albanian : Aeroporti Ndërkombëtar i Tiranës Nënë Tereza , IATA : TIA , ICAO : LATI ), often referred to as the Rinas International Airport , is one of the two main international airports of the Republic of Albania . It serves the city of Tirana , its metrop

#4 Heho Airport

Heho Airport ( Burmese : ဟဲဟိုးလေဆိပ် ) ( IATA : HEH , ICAO : VYHH ) is an airport serving Heho , [1] a town in Kalaw Township , Taunggyi District , Shan State , Myanmar . It is the main airport serving Inle Lake and Taunggyi the former of the top tourist destinations of Myanmar. Airport in eastern

#5 Port Moresby Airfield Complex

The Port Moresby Airfield Complex was a World War II military airfield complex, built near Port Moresby in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea . It was used during the Battle of New Guinea as a base of Allied air operations primarily in 1942 and early 1943. It later became a support base as the ba

#6 RAF Limavady

Royal Air Force Limavady or more simply RAF Limavady is a former Royal Air Force station, also known as Aghanloo airfield , near the city of Derry , Northern Ireland . RAF Limavady RNAS Limavady Limavady , County Londonderry in   Northern Ireland RAF Limavady Shown within Northern Ireland Show map o

#7 Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick Airport ( IATA : PIK , ICAO : EGPK ) is an international airport serving the west of Scotland, situated one nautical mile (two kilometres) northeast of the town of Prestwick in South Ayrshire and 32 miles (51 kilometres) southwest of Glasgow . [1] It is the less busy of the two air

#8 Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport ( Thai : ท่าอากาศยานดอนเมือง , RTGS :   Tha-akatsayan Donmuang , pronounced [tʰâː.ʔāː.kàːt̚.sā.jāːn.dɔ̄ːn.mɯ̄âŋ] ( listen ) , or colloquially as สนามบินดอนเมือง , pronounced [sā.nǎːm.bīn.dɔ̄ːn.mɯ̄a̯ŋ] ) ( IATA : DMK , ICAO : VTBD ) is one of two international airport

#9 Ahmed Ben Bella Airport

Ahmed Ben Bella Airport ( Arabic : مطار أحمد بن بلة ), formally Es-Sénia Airport ( IATA : ORN , ICAO : DAOO ) is an airport located 4.7 nm (8.7   km) south of Oran (near Es Sénia ), in Algeria . For the airport in Oran, Salta, Argentina, see Orán Airport . Airport in Es Sénia, Algeria Ahmed Ben Bell

#10 Leyte-Samar Naval Base

Leyte-Samar Naval Base was a large United States Navy base in the Philippines on the Islands of Leyte and Samar . The Base was built during World War II to support the many naval ships fighting and patrolling in the South West Pacific theatre of war as part of the Pacific War . A number of naval fac

#11 Zunyi Maotai Airport

Zunyi Maotai Airport ( IATA : WMT , ICAO : ZUMT ) is an airport in Renhuai city, which is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Zunyi in Guizhou Province, China. It is located in Yinshui Village, Gaodaping Town, 16 kilometres (9.9   mi) from downtown Renhuai. The airport is named

#12 Darwin International Airport

Darwin International Airport ( IATA : DRW , ICAO : YPDN ) is the busiest airport serving the Northern Territory and the tenth busiest airport in Australia . It is the only airport serving Darwin . International airport serving Darwin, Australia Darwin International Airport RAAF Base Darwin IATA : DR

#13 Metz-Frescaty Air Base

Metz-Frescaty Air Base ( French : Base aérienne 128 Metz-Frescaty ) ( IATA : MZM , ICAO : LFSF ) was a front-line French Air Force French : Armée de l'Air (ALA) base. The base is located approximately 5 miles (8.0   km) south-southwest of Metz (Département de la Moselle, Lorraine), about 174 miles (

#14 Sông Bé Base Camp

Sông Bé Base Camp (also known as Sông Bé Airfield , Farley Field or Landing Zone Buttons ) is a former U.S. Army and Army of the Republic of Vietnam base southwest of Phước Bình in southern Vietnam . Sông Bé Base Camp Sông Bé Base Camp signal site, 10 January 1970 Coordinates 11.819°N 106.961°E  /

#15 Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport ( IATA : DTW , ICAO : KDTW , FAA LID : DTW ) , usually called Detroit Metro Airport , Metro Airport , or simply DTW , is a major international airport in the United States covering 4,850 acres (1,960   ha) [2] [3] in Romulus, Michigan . It is the primary int

#16 Basilio Fernando Air Base

Basilio Fernando Air Base , or simply Fernando Air Base (formerly known as Lipa Air Base ) is the site of the Philippine Air Force's (PAF) pilot training and education facilities located in the city of Lipa , Batangas , Philippines . [1] Basilio Fernando Air Base Lipa , Batangas Coordinates 13°57′16

#17 United States Army Air Forces in the South Pacific Area

During World War II , the United States Army Air Forces engaged in combat against the Empire of Japan in the South Pacific Area . As defined by the War Department , this consisted of the Pacific Ocean areas which lay south of the Equator between longitude 159° East and 110° West. It included New Zea

#18 RAF Watton

Royal Air Force Watton or more simply RAF Watton is a former Royal Air Force station located 9   mi (14   km) southwest of East Dereham , Norfolk , England . RAF Watton USAAF Station 376 Watton , Norfolk in   England RAF Watton Shown within Norfolk Coordinates 52.564°N 0.863°E  / 52.564; 0.863 Type

#19 Ellsworth Air Force Base

Ellsworth Air Force Base ( AFB ) ( IATA : RCA , ICAO : KRCA , FAA LID : RCA ) is a United States Air Force base located about 10 miles (16   km) northeast of Rapid City, South Dakota , just north of the town of Box Elder . US Air Force base in Rapid City, South Dakota, US This article needs addition

#20 Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport ( IATA : ONT , ICAO : KONT , FAA LID : ONT ) is a public airport two miles east of downtown Ontario , in San Bernardino County , California, United States, about 38   mi (61   km) east of downtown Los Angeles and 18   mi (29   km) west of downtown San Bernardino . It is

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Aeroplane / Aeroplane

#1 Xian Y-7

The Xian Y-7 ( Chinese : 运-7 ; pinyin : Yùn-qī ) is a twin turboprop transport/passenger aircraft built in China . [1] It is based on the Soviet-designed Antonov An-24 series. [2] Chinese turboprop transport aircraft Y-7 A Y-7-100 of China General Aviation Role Airliner / Freighter Type of aircraft

#2 Vickers F.B.5

The Vickers F.B.5 ( F ighting B iplane 5 ) (known as the " Gunbus ") was a British two-seat pusher military biplane of the First World War . Armed with a single .303   in (7.7   mm) Lewis gun operated by the observer in the front of the nacelle , it was the first aircraft purpose-built for air-to-ai

#3 Yakovlev Yak-9

The Yakovlev Yak-9 ( Russian : Яковлев Як-9 ) is a single- engine , single-seat multipurpose fighter aircraft used by the Soviet Union and its allies during World War II and the early Cold War . It was a development of the robust and successful Yak-7B fighter, which was based in turn on the tandem-s

#4 Macchi C.200 Saetta

The Macchi C.200 Saetta (Italian: "Lightning"), or MC.200, was a fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Aeronautica Macchi in Italy . Various versions were flown by the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force) who used the type throughout the Second World War . 1937 Italian fighter aircraft fam

#5 Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 , formerly known as the IAI Galaxy , is a twin-engine business jet . It was designed originally by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and was produced by IAI for Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999 through 2011. G200 Gulfstream G200 Role Business jet Type of aircraft Manufacturer Gulfs

#6 Sukhoi Su-57

The Sukhoi Su-57 ( Russian : Сухой Су-57 ; NATO reporting name : Felon ) [5] is a twin-engine stealth multirole fighter aircraft developed by Sukhoi . [6] It is the product of the PAK FA ( Russian : ПАК ФА , short for: Перспективный авиационный комплекс фронтовой авиации , romanized :   Perspektivny

#7 Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is a wide-body aircraft developed and produced by Airbus . Airbus conceived several derivatives of the A300 , its first airliner in the mid-1970s. Then the company began development on the A330 twinjet in parallel with the A340 quadjet and launched both designs with their first order

#8 Fokker 100

The Fokker 100 is a regional jet produced by Fokker in the Netherlands. The Fokker 100 is based on the Fokker F28 with a fuselage stretched by 18.8   ft (5.7   m) to seat up to 109 passengers, up from 85. It is powered by two newer Rolls-Royce Tay turbofans, and it has an updated glass cockpit and a

#9 Royal Aircraft Factory C.E.1

The Royal Aircraft Factory C.E.1 (Coastal Experimental 1) was a prototype British flying boat of the First World War . It was a single-engined pusher configuration biplane intended to carry out coastal patrols to protect shipping against German U-boats , but only two were built, the only flying boat

#10 Sukhoi Su-11

The Sukhoi Su-11 ( NATO reporting name : Fishpot-C ) was an interceptor aircraft used by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. Interceptor aircraft For the original aircraft designated "Su-11", see Sukhoi Su-11 (1947) . Su-11 Role Interceptor aircraft Type of aircraft National origin Soviet Union Manufactu

#11 KB SAT SR-10

The KB SAT SR-10 is a prototype Russian single-engine jet trainer aircraft, fitted with forward-swept wings . It first flew in 2015 and is being offered to the Russian Air Force and for export. Russian single-engine jet trainer aircraft SR-10 First prototype of SR-10 during the flight Role Training

#12 Antonov An-72

The Antonov An-72 ( NATO reporting name : Coaler ) is a Soviet / Ukrainian transport aircraft , developed by Antonov . It was designed as an STOL transport and intended as a replacement for the Antonov An-26 , but variants have found success as commercial freighters. Transport aircraft by Antonov An

#13 Albert A-60

The Albert A-60 was a single engine, two seat, wooden sports monoplane designed and built in France in the early 1930s. Two were built and flown with three different engines. Albert A-60 Albert A-60 Role Light sports aircraft Type of aircraft National origin France Manufacturer Avions Albert Designe

#14 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was a large long-range airliner developed from the C-97 Stratofreighter military transport, itself a derivative of the B-29 Superfortress . The Stratocruiser's first flight was on July 8, 1947. [3] Its design was advanced for its day; its innovative features included two


The CASA III was a 1920s Spanish two-seat monoplane , designed by Luis Sousa Peco and built by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA) at Getafe near Madrid. [1] 1920s Spanish two-seat monoplane CASA III The rear of M-CMAM the Gipsy-powered third aircraft Role Two-seat trainer monoplane Type of aircra

#16 ATR 42

The ATR 42 is a regional airliner produced by Franco-Italian manufacturer ATR , with final assembly in Toulouse , France. On 4 November 1981, the aircraft was launched with ATR, as a joint venture between French Aérospatiale (now Airbus ) and Aeritalia (now Leonardo S.p.A. ). The ATR 42-300 performe

#17 Shaanxi Y-8

The Shaanxi Y-8 or Yunshuji-8 ( Chinese : 运-8 ; pinyin : Yùn Bā ) aircraft is a medium size medium range transport aircraft produced by Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation in China , based on the Soviet Antonov An-12 . It has become one of China's most popular military and civilian transport/cargo aircraft

#18 Tupolev Tu-160

The Tupolev Tu-160 ( Russian : Туполев Ту-160 Белый лебедь , romanized :   Belyj Lebeď , lit.   ' White Swan ' ; [1] NATO reporting name : Blackjack ) is a supersonic , variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. It is the larges

#19 Boeing 777X

The Boeing 777X is the latest series of the long-range , wide-body , twin-engine jetliners in the Boeing 777 family from Boeing Commercial Airplanes . The 777X features new GE9X engines, new composite wings with folding wingtips , greater cabin width and seating capacity, and technologies from the B

#20 Yakovlev Yak-42

The Yakovlev Yak-42 ( Russian : Яковлев Як-42 ; NATO reporting name : " Clobber ") is a 100/120-seat three-engined mid-range passenger jet developed in the mid 1970s to replace the technically obsolete Tu-134 . It was the first airliner produced in the Soviet Union to be powered by modern high-bypas

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Aircraft carrier / Aircraft carrier

#1 Japanese aircraft carrier Chitose

Chitose ( 千歳 ) was a warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy that served from 1938 to 1944, seeing service as a seaplane carrier and later as a light aircraft carrier during World War II . In her initial guise as a seaplane carrier, she first saw service during the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1938, an

#2 USS Bunker Hill (CV-17)

USS Bunker Hill (CV/CVA/CVS-17, AVT-9) was one of 24 Essex -class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy . The ship was named for the Battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolutionary War. Commissioned in May 1943 and sent to the Pacific Theater of Operations, the s

#3 HMS Argus (I49)

HMS Argus was a British aircraft carrier that served in the Royal Navy from 1918 to 1944. She was converted from an ocean liner that was under construction when the First World War began and became the first example of the standard pattern of aircraft carrier, with a full-length flight deck that all

#4 USS Saratoga (CV-3)

USS Saratoga (CV-3) was a Lexington -class aircraft carrier built for the United States Navy during the 1920s. Originally designed as a battlecruiser , she was converted into one of the Navy's first aircraft carriers during construction to comply with the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. The ship en

#5 USS Solomons

USS Solomons (CVE-67) was the thirteenth of fifty Casablanca -class escort carriers built for the United States Navy during World War II . She was the first Navy vessel named after the Solomon Islands campaign , a lengthy operation that most famously included the Guadalcanal campaign , albeit she wa

#6 HMAS Melbourne (R21)

HMAS Melbourne (R21) was a Majestic -class light aircraft carrier operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1955 until 1982, and was the third and final conventional aircraft carrier [note 1] to serve in the RAN. Melbourne was the only Commonwealth naval vessel to sink two friendly warships i

#7 Timeline for aircraft carrier service

Aircraft carriers have their origins during the days of World War I . The earliest experiments consisted of fitting temporary "flying off" platforms to the gun turrets of the warships of several nations, notably the United States and the United Kingdom. The first ship to be modified with a permanent

#8 Soviet helicopter carrier Moskva

Moskva was the first of her class of helicopter carriers in service with the Soviet Navy . Laid down at Nikolayev South (Shipyard No.444) , Moskva was launched in 1965 and she was commissioned two years later. Moskva was followed by Leningrad , which was commissioned in late 1968; there were no furt

#9 USS Monterey (CVL-26)

USS Monterey (CVL-26) was an Independence -class light aircraft carrier of the United States Navy , in service during World War II and used in training for several years thereafter. Independence-class light aircraft carrier of the US Navy For other ships with the same name, see USS Monterey . This a

#10 USS Annapolis (AGMR-1)

USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) was the former USS   Gilbert Islands (ex- Sunset Bay ) and a Commencement Bay -class escort carrier of the United States Navy . For other ships with the same name, see USS Annapolis . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( February 2012 ) USS Annapolis (A

#11 List of aircraft carrier operations during World War II

Naval historians such as Evan Mawdsley , Richard Overy , and Craig Symonds concluded that World War II's decisive victories on land could not have been won without decisive victories at sea. [1] [2] [3] Naval battles to keep shipping lanes open for combatant's movement of troops, guns, ammunition, t

#12 Japanese battleship Ise

Ise ( Japanese : 伊勢 ) was the lead ship of her class of two dreadnought battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1910s. Although completed in 1917, she played no role in World War I . Ise supported Japanese forces in the early 1920s during the Siberian Intervention in the Ru

#13 HMS Furious (47)

HMS Furious was a modified Courageous -class battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy (RN) during the First World War . Designed to support the Baltic Project championed by the First Sea Lord , Lord Fisher , the ship was very lightly armoured and designed with a main battery of only two 18-inch (457 m

#14 USS Rehoboth (AVP-50)

The second USS Rehoboth (AVP-50/AGS-50) was in commission in the United States Navy as a seaplane tender from 1944 to 1947 and as an oceanographic survey ship from 1948 to 1970. Oceanographic survey ship from 1948 to 1970 For other ships with the same name, see USS Rehoboth . USS Rehoboth (AVP-50) o

#15 Courageous-class aircraft carrier

The Courageous class , sometimes called the Glorious class , was the first multi-ship class of aircraft carriers to serve with the Royal Navy . The three ships— Furious , Courageous and Glorious —were originally laid down as Courageous -class battlecruisers as part of the Baltic Project during the F

#16 USS Kalinin Bay

USS Kalinin Bay (CVE-68) was a Casablanca -class escort carrier of the United States Navy . Casablanca-class escort carrier of the U.S. Navy USS Kalinin Bay History United States Name Kalinin Bay Builder Kaiser Shipyards Laid down 26 April 1943 Launched 15 October 1943 Commissioned 27 November 1943

#17 Japanese fleet oiler Hayasui

The Hayasui ( 速吸 , "Quick Absorption" ) was a Japanese fleet oiler (hybrid tanker/carrier) of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), serving during World War II . Aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy Hayasui sinking on 19 August 1944 History Name Hayasui Namesake Hayasui-no Seto Builder Harima

#18 HMAS Sydney (R17)

HMAS Sydney (R17/A214/P214/L134) was a Majestic -class light aircraft carrier operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). She was built for the Royal Navy and was launched as HMS Terrible (93) in 1944, but was not completed before the end of World War II . The carrier was sold to Australia in 1947,

#19 Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier

The Kuznetsov -class aircraft carrying cruiser (Russian: Авиано́сцы ти́па «Кузнецо́в» Avianо́stsii Tipa "Kuznetsо́v" ), Soviet designation Project 1143.5 , is a class of aircraft carriers operated by the Russian and Chinese navies. Originally designed for the Soviet Navy , the Kuznetsov -class ships

#20 Moskva-class helicopter carrier

The Moskva class , Soviet designation Project 1123 Kondor ( condor ) and S-703 Project 1123M Kiev , was the first class of operational aircraft carriers ( helicopter cruisers in the Soviet classification) built by the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy . [3] Soviet helicopter carrier class This articl

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Airline / Airline

#1 Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. , typically referred to as Delta , is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier . One of the world's oldest airlines in operation , Delta is headquartered in Atlanta , Georgia . [1] The airline, along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates, incl

#2 Syrian Air

Syrian Airlines ( Arabic : السورية للطيران ), operating as SyrianAir ( Arabic : السورية ), is the flag carrier airline of Syria. [2] It operates scheduled international services to several destinations in Asia, Europe and North Africa , though the number of flights operated has seriously declined si

#3 Manta Air

Manta Air is a Maldivian domestic airline based in the Maldives , which began its operations on 24 February 2019. [1] Manta Air IATA ICAO Callsign NR MAV Sea Wing Founded 2016 Commenced operations 24 February 2019 Hubs Dhaalu Airport Fleet size 16 Destinations 4 Key people Mohamed Khaleel (CEO) Empl

#4 Wings Air

PT Wings Abadi Airlines , [1] operating as Wings Air , is a scheduled commuter passenger low cost airline based in Jakarta , Indonesia . The airline operates out of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar as well as several other airports around Indonesia. The company was established as

#5 Styrian Spirit

Styrian Spirit was an airline based in Graz , Austria , the capital of Styria . It operated services to scheduled and charter destinations within Europe . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( February 2013 ) Styrian Airways GmbH & Co KG IATA ICAO Callsign Z2 STY STYRIAN Found

#6 Cotai Water Jet

Cotai Water Jet ( Chinese : 金光飛航 ; Portuguese : jacto de água cotai ) is a company that operates high-speed ferry services between the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong . It is one of the two companies operating high-speed ferry services between the two territories - the other on

#7 Aéropostale (aviation)

Aéropostale (formally, Compagnie générale aéropostale ) was a pioneering aviation company which operated from 1918 to 1933. It was founded in 1918 in Toulouse , France , as Société des lignes Latécoère , also known as Lignes aeriennes Latécoère or simply "The Line" ( La ligne ). This article needs a

#8 AirSial

Air Sial (stylised as AirSial ) ( Urdu : ایئر سیال ) is a Pakistani airline headquartered in Sialkot , Pakistan . It is the third private airline of Pakistan, inaugurated on Wednesday, 9 December 2020. [1] AirSial has been allowed to operate international flights to UAE , Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Oman

#9 Cambodia Angkor Air

Cambodia Angkor Air ( Khmer : កម្ពុជា អង្គរ អ៊ែរ ) is the national flag carrier [2] airline of Cambodia , with its corporate headquarters and main hub in Phnom Penh . [3] The company slogan is " Proudly Serve the Kingdom " . Flag carrier airline of Cambodia since 2009 Cambodia Angkor Air អាកាសចរណ៍ជា

#10 Vnukovo Airlines

Vnukovo Airlines ( Russian : Внуковские авиалинии or Vnukovskie Aviallnii ) was a Russian airline which had its corporate headquarters at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow. [2] It was created as a spin-off from the Vnukovo Airport division of Aeroflot in March 1993 and operated until 2001, whe

#11 China National Aviation Corporation

The China National Aviation Corporation ( Chinese : 中國航空公司 ) was a Chinese airline which was nationalized after the Chinese Communist Party took control in 1949, and merged into the People's Aviation Company of China ( 中國人民航空公司 ) in 1952. It was a major airline under the Nationalist government of Ch

#12 Egyptair

Egyptair ( Egyptian Arabic : مصر للطيران , Maṣr leṭ-Ṭayarān ) is the state-owned flag carrier [1] of Egypt . The airline is headquartered at Cairo International Airport , its main hub, operating scheduled passenger and freight services to 81 destinations in the Middle East , Europe , Africa , Asia ,

#13 Air Vias

Air Vias was founded on December 25, 1993, as the first Brazilian airline focusing solely on charter flights. Flights commenced in January 1994. [1] Brazilian airline Air Vias Founded 1993 Commenced operations 1994 Ceased operations 1995 Headquarters Rio de Janeiro , Brazil The airline started with

#14 Iran Air

The National Airline of Iran ( Persian : هواپیمايی ملی ایران , romanized :   Havâpeymâyi-ye Melli-ye Irân ), branded as Iran Air , is the flag carrier of Iran , which is headquartered at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran . As of 2018, it operates scheduled services to 71 destinations in Asia and Europe . I

#15 Aero Ejecutivos

AeroEjecutivos C.A. was a Venezuelan scheduled and charter regional airline headquartered in Maiquetia and based at Óscar Machado Zuloaga International Airport . [1] Defunct Venezuelan airline AeroEjecutivos C.A. IATA ICAO Callsign - VEJ VENEJECUTIV Founded 1975 Ceased operations 2008 Hubs Óscar Mac

#16 Aviaarktika

Aviaarktika was a Soviet airline which started operations on 1 September 1930 and was absorbed by Aeroflot on 3 January 1960. Aviaarktika Commenced operations September   1,   1930   ( 1930-09-01 ) Ceased operations January   3,   1960   ( 1960-01-03 ) (absorbed into Aeroflot) Operating bases Omsk K

#17 Pan Am

Pan American World Airways , originally founded as Pan American Airways [2] and commonly known as Pan Am , was an American airline that was the principal and largest international air carrier and unofficial overseas flag carrier of the United States for much of the 20th century. It was the first air

#18 Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is an American spaceflight company founded by Richard Branson and his British Virgin Group retains an 11.9% stake through Virgin Investments Limited. [1] It is headquartered in California , USA , and operates from New Mexico . The company is developing commercial spacecraft and aims

#19 Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways Company , operating as Iraqi Airways [1] ( Arabic : الخطوط الجوية العراقية al-Xuṭūṭ al-Jawwiyyah al-ʿIrāqiyyah, Kurdish : ھێڵی ئاسمانی عێراق ), is the national carrier of Iraq , headquartered on the grounds of Baghdad International Airport in Baghdad . [2] [3] It is the second oldest a

#20 YTO Cargo Airlines

YTO Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. , operating as YTO Cargo Airlines is a Chinese cargo airline based in Hangzhou . [2] YTO Cargo Airlines 圆通航空 IATA ICAO Callsign YG HYT QUICK AIR Founded 2015 Commenced operations 3 July 2015 Hubs Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Fleet size 11 Destinations 21 [1] H

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Airship / Airship

#1 List of Zeppelins

This is a complete list of Zeppelins constructed by the German Zeppelin companies from 1900 until 1938. Other rigid airships that are also sometimes referred to as zeppelins but not built by Zeppelin are not included. For other uses of "Zeppelin", see Zeppelin (disambiguation) . This article needs a

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Air Forces / Air Forces

#1 No. 108 Squadron RAF

No. 108 Squadron RAF was originally a squadron of the Royal Flying Corps during World War I which continued to serve with the Royal Air Force in World War II . Defunct flying squadron of the Royal Air Force No. 108 Squadron RAF Active November 1917 – July 1919 January 1937 – March 1945 Country Unite

#2 Jagdstaffel 46

Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 46 was a "hunting group" (i.e., fighter squadron) of the Luftstreitkräfte , the air arm of the Imperial German Army during World War I . As one of the original German fighter squadrons, the unit would score 20 confirmed aerial victories over enemy observation balloons, [1]

#3 449th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

The 449th Fighter Interceptor Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with 11th Air Division stationed at Ladd Air Force Base , Alaska, where it was inactivated on 25 August 1960. 449th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 449th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Northrop F-8

#4 58th Fighter Squadron

The 58th Fighter Squadron is part of the 33d Fighter Wing , a joint graduate flying and maintenance training wing for the F-35A, B, and C, organized under Air Education and Training Command 's 19th Air Force, at Eglin Air Force Base , Florida . Its mission is to train US Air Force operators and main

#5 No. 183 Squadron RAF

No. 183 (Gold Coast) Squadron RAF was a Royal Air Force Squadron that was a fighter-bomber unit in World War II . Defunct flying squadron of the Royal Air Force No. 183 (Gold Coast) Squadron RAF Active 1 November 1942 – 15 November 1945 Country United Kingdom Branch Royal Air Force Nickname(s) Gold

#6 35th Fighter Squadron

The 35th Fighter Squadron is a United States Air Force unit, assigned to the 8th Operations Group , stationed at Kunsan Air Base , South Korea. The squadron operates the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft conducting air superiority missions. United States Air Force combat squadron 35th F

#7 7th Intelligence Squadron

The United States Air Force 's 7th Intelligence Squadron is an intelligence unit located at Fort George G. Meade , Maryland. The squadron, as the 7th Radio Squadron , Mobile, provided intelligence for American forces in New Guinea and the Philippines during World War II. As the 302d Radio Squadron ,

#8 34th Pursuit Squadron

The 34th Pursuit Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was wiped out in the Battle of the Philippines (1941–42) . The survivors fought as infantry during Battle of Bataan and after their surrender, were subjected to the Bataan Death March , although some did escape to Australia. T

#9 List of Royal Flying Corps squadrons

A list of Royal Flying Corps squadrons with date and location of foundation. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( February 2016 ) The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was the aviation arm of the British Army . Squadrons were the main form of flying unit from its foundation on 13 Apri

#10 No. 107 Squadron RAAF

No. 107 Squadron was a Royal Australian Air Force maritime patrol squadron of World War II . It was formed in May 1943 and was equipped with Vought OS2U Kingfisher aircraft. The squadron conducted anti-submarine patrols off the Australian east coast during the last years of the war, but did not enco

#11 24th Special Operations Wing

The 24th Special Operations Wing ( Air Force Special Tactics ) is a United States Air Force active-duty wing that was activated on 12 June 2012. [3] Its headquarters is at Hurlburt Field , Florida and it has component groups located in North Carolina , Georgia and Washington . It is the third specia

#12 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 306th Fighter Squadron is an active United States Air Force unit. It was most recently activated as an active associate unit of the 119th Fighter Squadron of the New Jersey Air National Guard , stationed at Atlantic City Municipal Airport . This article is about the 306th Fighter Squadron. For t

#13 386th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 386th Tactical Fighter Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with the 312th Tactical Fighter Wing , based at Cannon Air Force Base . New Mexico . It was inactivated on 18 February 1959. This article includes a list of general references , but it lacks suff

#14 3rd Wing

The 3rd Wing is a unit of the United States Air Force , assigned to the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Eleventh Air Force . It is stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson , Alaska. United States Air Force wing "3rd Bombardment Wing" redirects here. For the 3rd Bombardment Wing of World War II, see 9

#15 387th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 387th Tactical Fighter Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with the 312th Tactical Fighter Wing at Cannon Air Force Base , New Mexico, where it was inactivated on 18 February 1959. This article includes a list of general references , but it lacks suffici

#16 Jagdgeschwader 11

Jagdgeschwader 11 (JG 11) was a fighter wing ( German : Jagdgeschwader ) of the German Luftwaffe during World War II . Its primary role was the defense of Northern Germany against Allied day bomber raids. Formed in April 1943 as a split from Jagdgeschwader 1 , the unit primarily used the Messerschmi

#17 116th Air Control Wing

The 116th Air Control Wing is a Wing of the Georgia Air National Guard / United States Air Force , stationed at Robins Air Force Base , Georgia. If activated for federal service, the wing is gained by Air Combat Command . 116th Air Control Wing 116th Air Control Wing E-8C Joint STARS, AF Ser. No. 96

#18 Jagdgeschwader 27

Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG   27) " Afrika " was a fighter wing of the Luftwaffe during World War II . The wing was given the name "Africa" for serving in the North African Campaign predominantly alone in the period from April 1941 to September 1942. Elements of JG   27 fought in every major theatre of op

#19 Jagdgeschwader 77

Jagdgeschwader 77 (JG 77) Herz As ("Ace of Hearts") was a Luftwaffe fighter wing during World War II . It served in all the German theaters of war, from Western Europe to the Eastern Front, and from the high north in Norway to the Mediterranean. This article needs additional citations for verificati

#20 Jagdstaffel 45

Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 45 , commonly abbreviated to Jasta 45 , was a "hunting group" (i.e., fighter squadron) of the Luftstreitkräfte , the air arm of the Imperial German Army during World War I . The squadron would score over 113 aerial victories during the war, including 28 observation balloon

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Design / Design

#1 Hang gliding

Hang gliding is an air sport or recreational activity in which a pilot flies a light, non-motorised foot-launched heavier-than-air aircraft called a hang glider . Most modern hang gliders are made of an aluminium alloy or composite frame covered with synthetic sailcloth [1] to form a wing . Typicall

#2 Victor Vâlcovici

Victor Vâlcovici ( 21 September   [ O.S. 9 September ]   1885 – 21 June 1970) was a Romanian mechanician and mathematician. Victor Vâlcovici Born ( 1885-09-21 ) September 21, 1885 Galați , Kingdom of Romania Died 21 June 1970 (1970-06-21) (aged   84) Bucharest , Socialist Republic of Romania Resting

#3 Arseny Mironov

Arseny Dmitrievich Mironov (25 December 1917 – 3 July 2019) was a Russian scientist, aerospace engineer, and aviator. He was one of the oldest researchers in aircraft aerodynamics and flight testing, a Gromov Flight Research Institute (GFRI) director from 1981 to 1985, a recipient of the Stalin Priz

#4 Martin Kutta

Martin Wilhelm Kutta ( German: [ˈkʊta] ; 3 November 1867 – 25 December 1944) was a German mathematician . German mathematician Martin Kutta Martin Kutta (1867–1944) Born ( 1867-11-03 ) 3 November 1867 Pitschen , Upper Silesia Died 25 December 1944 (1944-12-25) (aged   77) Fürstenfeldbruck Nationalit

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Designer / Designer

#1 Willard Ray Custer

Willard Ray Custer ( June 6, 1899 , Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania   –   December 25, 1985 , Hagerstown, Maryland ) was an American engineer and aircraft visionary, inventor of the channel wing concept. [1] American aerospace engineer William Ray Custer Born ( 1899-06-06 ) June 6, 1899 Warfordsburg, Pen

#2 Holly Ridings

Holly Elizabeth Ridings (born 25 December 1973) is an American mechanical engineer and the first woman to be chief flight director at NASA . She works at the Johnson Space Center . American mechanical engineer Holly Ridings Holly Ridings, NASA Flight director Born Holly Renee Ridings ( 1973-12-25 )

#3 Isaac M. Laddon

Isaac Machlin Laddon (25 December 1894 – 14 January 1976) was an American aeronautical engineer and designer. [1] American aeronautical engineer and designer This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformative and vulnerable to link rot . ( September 2022 )

#4 Steve Fossett

James Stephen Fossett (April 22, 1944 – September 3, 2007) was an American businessman and a record-setting aviator, sailor, and adventurer. He was the first person to fly solo nonstop around the world in a balloon and in a fixed-wing aircraft. He made his fortune in the financial services industry

#5 List of pilots awarded an Aviator's Certificate by the Aéro-Club de France in 1910

The Aéro-Club de France issued Aviators Certificates from 1909. These were internationally recognised under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale .

#6 Gerald D. Griffin

Gerald D. Griffin (born December 25, 1934) is an American aeronautical engineer and former NASA official, who served as a flight director during the Apollo program and director of Johnson Space Center , succeeding Chris Kraft in 1982. American aerospace engineer and businessman For the Irish novelis

#7 Jiro Horikoshi

Jiro Horikoshi ( 堀越 二郎 , Horikoshi Jirō , 22 June 1903   – 11 January 1982) was the chief engineer of many Japanese fighter designs of World War II , including the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter. Japanese chief engineer of fighter designs of World War 2 Professor Jiro Horikoshi Horikoshi while a studen

#8 Doug Davis (aviator)

Douglas Henry Davis [1] [2] (November 12, 1898 [1] [3] – September 3, 1934 [4] ) was an early American aviator, barnstormer , air racer , flight instructor and commercial pilot. American aviator

#9 Geoffrey de Havilland

Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland , OM , CBE , AFC , RDI , FRAeS (27 July 1882 – 21 May 1965) was an English aviation pioneer and aerospace engineer . The aircraft company he founded produced the Mosquito , which has been considered the most versatile warplane ever built, [1] and his Comet was the f

#10 Igo Etrich

Ignaz "Igo" Etrich (25 December 1879 – 4 February 1967) was an Austrian flight pioneer, pilot and fixed-wing aircraft developer. Photo of Igo Etrich

#11 Gabriel Voisin

Gabriel Voisin (February 5, 1880 – December 25, 1973) was a French aviation pioneer and the creator of Europe's first manned, engine-powered, heavier-than-air aircraft capable of a sustained (1   km), circular, controlled flight, which was made by Henry Farman on January 13, 1908, near Paris, France

#12 Alexander Bolonkin

Alexander Alexandrovich Bolonkin ( Russian : Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович Боло́нкин ; 14 March 1933 – 25 December 2020 [1] ) was a Russian-American scientist and academic who worked in the Soviet aviation, space and rocket industries and lectured in Moscow universities, before being arrested in 1972 by

#13 Gustav Mesmer

Gustav Mesmer (1903–1994) was a German inventor of experimental human-powered flying machines, often referred to in the press as "the Icarus of Lautertal." He has been championed by curators as an outsider artist , while his theories about improving aerodynamics through wing and sail piercings have

#14 Bill Bradfield

Keith Noel Everal ("Bill") Bradfield OBE , FIEAust (25 December 1910 – 12 June 2006), also known as K. N. E. Bradfield , was an Australian civil and aviation engineer , public servant and diplomat, who served two terms as Australia's Permanent Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organ

#15 Ma Xingrui

Ma Xingrui ( Chinese : 马兴瑞 ; born October 1959) is a Chinese politician and aerospace engineer who is the Communist Party Secretary of Xinjiang . Prior to that, he had served as the Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Head of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Guangdong,

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Engine / Engine

#1 De Dion-Bouton 78 hp

The De Dion-Bouton 78 hp , typically referred to as De Dion-Bouton 80 hp , was an eight-cylinder, air cooled vee aircraft engine that has been built by De Dion-Bouton . 1910s French piston aircraft engine De Dion-Bouton 78 hp De Dion-Bouton 78 hp V-8 aircraft engine (December 1913 [1] ) Type Piston

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Event / Event

#1 List of Iranian aviation accidents and incidents

This is a list of major aviation accidents and incidents that took place in Iran, or involved aircraft traveling to and from Iran. Date Airline Aircraft Location Casualties December 25, 1952 Iran Air Douglas DC-3 Tehran , Iran 27 fatalities January 21, 1980 Iran Air Boeing 727-86 Alborz Mountains 12

#2 List of Soviet aircraft losses during the Soviet–Afghan War

The following is a partial and unofficial list of helicopter and airplane crashes, accidents and shotdowns that occurred during the Soviet–Afghan War of 1979–89. In total, at least 333 helicopters and 118 Soviet jets were reported lost during the war. [1] This transport-related list is incomplete ;

#3 1929 Imperial Airways Handley Page W.10 crash

The 1929 Imperial Airways Handley Page W.10 crash happened on 17 June 1929 when Handley Page W.10 G-EBMT suffered an engine failure and subsequently ditched in the English Channel off Dungeness with the loss of seven lives. The aircraft was operating an international scheduled flight from Croydon to

#4 1999 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1999: Years in aviation : 1996   1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s Years : 1996   1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   20

#5 Accidents and incidents involving the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

This is a partial list of accidents and incidents involving the Boeing-designed B-17 Flying Fortress . Combat losses are not included except for a very few cases denoted by singular circumstances. A few documented drone attrition cases are also included. Main article: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Air

#6 List of accidents and incidents involving the DC-3 in 1967

This is a list of accidents and incidents involving the Douglas DC-3 A that occurred in 1967, including aircraft based on the DC-3 airframe such as the Douglas C-47 Skytrain and Lisunov Li-2 . Military accidents are included; and hijackings and incidents of terrorism are covered, although acts of wa

#7 Cubana de Aviación accidents and incidents

Cubana de Aviación , the national carrier of Cuba , [1] has been involved in 51 incidents and accidents between 1934 and 2018, 27 of which had 1 fatality or more, with 708 fatalities. Included are ground and collision fatalities and hijackings.

#8 List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (A–C)

This list of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline summarizes airline accidents and all kinds of minor incidents by airline company with flight number, location, date, aircraft type, and cause. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2012 ) JetBlue Flight 2

#9 1991 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1991: Aviation-related events from 1991 Years in aviation : 1988   1989   1990   1991   1992   1993   1994 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s Years : 1988   198

#10 2018 Puebla helicopter crash

On December 24, 2018, a helicopter carrying Martha Érika Alonso Hidalgo , the newly elected Governor of the Mexican state of Puebla , and her husband, Senator and former Governor Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas , crashed on a hill in Coronango near the city of Puebla . [2] [3] Five people on board the hel

#11 1979 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1979: Years in aviation : 1976   1977   1978   1979   1980   1981   1982 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1940s   1950s   1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s Years : 1976   1977   1978   1979   1980   1981   19

#12 1974 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1974: Years in aviation : 1971   1972   1973   1974   1975   1976   1977 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1940s   1950s   1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s Years : 1971   1972   1973   1974   1975   1976   19

#13 UTA Flight 141

UTA Flight 141 was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Guinean regional airline Union des Transports Africains de Guinée , flying from Conakry to Dubai with stopovers in Benin , Libya and Lebanon . On 25 December 2003, the Boeing 727-223 operating the flight struck a building and

#14 1965 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1965: Years in aviation : 1962   1963   1964   1965   1966   1967   1968 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1930s   1940s   1950s   1960s   1970s   1980s   1990s Years : 1962   1963   1964   1965   1966   1967   19

#15 2012 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 2012 . Years in aviation : 2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015 Centuries : 20th century   ·   21st century   ·   22nd century Decades : 1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s   2030s   2040s Years : 2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   20

#16 2003 in aviation

This is a list of aviation-related events from 2003: Years in aviation : 2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006 Centuries : 20th century   ·   21st century   ·   22nd century Decades : 1970s   1980s   1990s   2000s   2010s   2020s   2030s Years : 2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   200

#17 Adam Air Flight 574

Adam Air Flight 574 ( KI574 or DHI574 ) was a scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Adam Air between the Indonesian cities of Surabaya and Manado [3] that crashed into the Makassar Strait near Polewali in Sulawesi on 1 January 2007. [4] All 102 people on board died, making it the deadliest

#18 1952 in aviation

This is a list of aviation -related events from 1952: Years in aviation : 1949   1950   1951   1952   1953   1954   1955 Centuries : 19th century   ·   20th century   ·   21st century Decades : 1920s   1930s   1940s   1950s   1960s   1970s   1980s Years : 1949   1950   1951   1952   1953   1954   19

#19 1954 Prestwick air disaster

The 1954 Prestwick air disaster occurred in the early morning of Christmas Day, 1954. A British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 377 Stratocruiser crashed on landing at Prestwick Airport , Scotland; 28 of the 36 on board were killed. Aviation incident that occurred on Christmas Day, 1954 1954 Pre

#20 Air Bagan Flight 011

Air Bagan Flight 011 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight of a Fokker 100 twinjet from Yangon to Heho , Myanmar. On 25 December 2012, the aircraft crash-landed short of the runway at Heho Airport in fog , coming to a stop in a paddy field and bursting into flames. One of the 71 people on board

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Glider / Glider

#1 Nippi NP-100

The Nippi NP-100 Albatross was a Japanese two side-by-side seat motorized glider, powered by a ducted fan rather than the usual propeller . It did not go into production. This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it . Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the

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Manufacturer / Manufacturer

#1 Elliotts of Newbury

Elliotts of Newbury was a British company that became well known for manufacturing gliders . Elliotts of Newbury Industry Joinery , aircraft and glider production Founded 1870 Founder Samuel Elliott Defunct 1974 Fate Ceased trading, designs passed to Slingsby Successor Slingsby Sailplanes Ltd Headqu

#2 Chilton Aircraft

Chilton Aircraft Ltd was a British aircraft design and manufacturing company of the late 1930s and 1940s. British aircraft design and manufacturing company Chilton Aircraft Type aircraft design and manufacture Founded early 1937 Defunct 1946 Fate ceased operations in 1946 Headquarters Leverton , nea

#3 Brown Aircraft Co.

The Brown Aircraft Co was an American aircraft manufacturer of the 1930s and 1940s. American aircraft manufacturer Brown Aircraft Co. Type Aircraft design and manufacture Founded 1931 Defunct 1945 Fate ceased operations 1945 Headquarters Montebello, California Key people Lawrence W. Brown Products r

#4 Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos

Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos ( English: Josef Guggenmos Kites ) was a German aircraft manufacturer, specializing in designing and building competition flex-wing and rigid wing hang gliders . The company was based in Kaufbeuren . [1] German hang glider manufacturer Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos Type Priva

#5 Tashkent Mechanical Plant

Tashkent Mechanical Plant ( TMZ ) ( Uzbek : Toshkent Mexanika Zavodi ), formerly Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V. P. Chkalov ( TAPO or TAPOiCh ) ( Uzbek : V.P.Chkalov nomli Toshkent aviatsiya ishlab chiqarish birlashmasi ) is a leading high-technology company of Uzbekistan , w

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Weapon / Weapon

#1 QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval gun

The QF 12-pounder 12-cwt gun (abbreviated as Q.F. 12-pdr. (12-cwt.) [4] ) was a common, versatile 3-inch (76.2   mm) calibre naval gun introduced in 1894 and used until the middle of the 20th century. It was produced by Armstrong Whitworth , Elswick and used on Royal Navy warships, exported to allie

#2 FIM-92 Stinger

The FIM-92 Stinger is an American man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) that operates as an infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM). It can be adapted to fire from a wide variety of ground vehicles, and from helicopters as the Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS). It entered service in 1981 and is use

#3 List of Syrian civil war barrel bomb attacks

A barrel bomb is a type of improvised explosive device used extensively by the Syrian Air Force during the Syrian civil war . They are typically made from a barrel that has been filled with High Explosives , along with shrapnel and/or oil . In Syria they are typically dropped from a helicopter . [1]

#4 Barak 8

Barak 8 ( Hebrew : בָּרָק , lit. "Lightning"), also known as LR-SAM or as MR-SAM, [9] [10] [11] is an Indo-Israeli jointly developed surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, designed to defend against any type of airborne threat including aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles , and UAVs as well as b

#5 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense , is an American anti-ballistic missile defense system designed to shoot down short -, medium -, and intermediate -range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase (descent or reentry ) by intercepting with a

#6 8 cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun

The Type 41 3-inch (76   mm) naval gun otherwise known as the 8   cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun was a Japanese dual-purpose gun introduced before World War I . Although designated as 8   cm (3.15   in) , its shells were 76.2   mm (3   in) in diameter. Naval gun 8 cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun A 8 cm

#7 M-11 Shtorm

The M-11 Shtorm ( Russian : М-11 «Шторм» ; English: Storm ) is a Russian naval surface-to-air missile system. Its GRAU designation is 4K60 . Its NATO reporting name is SA-N-3 Goblet . The system was first installed on Moskva , an anti-submarine warfare carrier , which was commissioned in 1967, but t

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